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Li,Ming Hsien

Ming-Hsien Li


Job title: Associate Professor

Research expertise:Molecular identification, pathological, and Morphological studies of Trematode and Eimeria

Emai:  mhli@ctust.edu.tw

Office phone number:(04) 2239-1647 #7043


Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Veterinary Microbiology,  National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan

Professional Fields: Molecular Parasitology, Diagnostic Parasitology, and Parasitological Immunology

Courses TaughtParasitology, Microbiology, Diagnostic Microbiology, Clinical Microscope, Scientific Paper Seminar


Representative Publication in 5 Years 


  1. Chun-Hsu Yao, Jen-Yu Yeh, Yueh-Sheng Chen, Ming-Hsien Li, Chiung-Hua Huang (2015) Wound-healing effect of electrospun gelatin nanofibres containg Centella asiatica extract in a rat model. Journal of Tissue Engineering and and Regenerative Medicine Feb 25. doi: 10.1002/term.1992. [Epub ahead of print] (SCI)
  2. Chien-Wen Huang, Ju-Huei Chien, Ru-Yan Peng, De-Jium Tsai, Ming-Hsien Li, Hsien-Ming Lee, Chuen-Fu Lin, Mong-Chuan Lee, Chao-Tsai Liao (2015) Molecular epidemiology of the CTX-M-type extended-spectrum β–lactamases producing Proteus mirabilis isolated in Taiwan. International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents. 45(1):84-5. (SCI)
  3. Ming-Hsien Li, Hai-I Huang, Pei-Lain Chen, Chiung-Hua Huang, Yu-Hsuan Chen, Hong-Kean Ooi (2013) Metagonimus yokogawai : metacercariae survey in fishes and its development to adult worms in various rodents. Parasitology Research 112:1647-1653. (SCI)
  4. Ming-Hsien Li, Chao-Tsai Liao, Wei-Chih Ou, Pei-Lain Chen, Chiung-Hua Huang, Yu-Hsuan Chen, Hai-I Huang, Hong-Kean Ooi. (2012) Differentiation of four Eimeria species commonly seen in Taiwanese rabbits by RAPD. Taiwan Veterinary Journal, 38(4): 227-232.
  5. Ming-Hsien Li, Hai-I Huang and Hong-Kean Ooi (2010) Prevalence, infectivity and oocyst sporulation time of rabbit-coccidia in Taiwan. Tropical Biomedicine 27(3): 424–429. (SCI)
  6. Kuo-Yu Chen, Yu-Sheng Lin, Chun-Hsu Yao, Ming-Hsien Li and Jui-Che Lin (2010) Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(vinyl alcohol) Membranes with Quaternary Ammonium Groups for Wound Dressing. Journal of Biomaterials Science 21: 429–443. (SCI)
  7. Ming-Hsien Li, Chien-Wei Liao, Yueh-Lun Lee, Hong-Kean Ooi, Wen-Yuan Du, Shen-Che Lu, Hai-I. Huang, Kua-Eyre Su and Chia-Kwung Fan (2010) Infectivity and development of Metagonimus yokogawai in experimentally infected domestic ducks (Cairina moschata). Veterinary Parasitology 168: 45-50. (SCI)