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Industry-Academy Cooperation

Our school is a technology vocational system so we focus on cultivating professional ability. Therefore, we intend to train students to be professional medical technologists in a clinical laboratory and provide students with special training in the curriculum of medical science and bio technology, to place them at the cutting edge of the field . A special program represents a cooperative effort between the college and clinical laboratories at regional hospitals and medical centers to integrate academic theories and clinical practices before which graduates are awarded bachelor's degree. In order to enhance the level of basic research, students can choose to participate in faculty research projects during summer or winter vacations or other extracurricular time. Those who represent independent research competence are encouraged to apply for National Science Council's college student research projects. We will do our best to promote cooperation among various institutions, and to transfer our research results as soon as possible to industry to bring a bright future both to our staff and students. At present, the students of our department are engaged in clinical training at thirty(30) different hospitals, of which, fourteen (14) are medical centers, and sixteen (16) are regional hospitals. The point of practical training is to emphasize is to strengthen students' familiarity with medical technology. Upon the completion of classroom laboratory courses, students undergo practical clinical training for six-month. This allows students to apply what they have learned in a clinical situation in preparation for career placement.