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Lin,Ming Cheng

Ming-Cheng Lin


Job title: Associate Professor

Research expertise:Biological Trace Element Research, Etiology of Stroke

Emai:  mclin@ctust.edu.tw

Office phone number:(04) 2239-1647 #7027


Ph.D. of Kaoshiung Medical University

Professional Fields: Advanced Toxicology, Clinical Biochemistry

Courses TaughtClinical Biochemistry, Advanced Toxicology


Representative Publication in 5 Years 

  1. M.C. Lin1,*. Paraquat-induced oxidative damage in erythrocytes is responsible for perturbations in the levels of essential trace elements and antioxidant activity. Biol Trace Elem Res. 2017.
  2. B.Y. Huang1, C.C. Liu2, Z.Y. Jian1, M.C. Lin1,*. Antrodia camphorata declines oxidative stress and enhances antioxidant enzyme activity in the brain cortex of rats. Am J Lab Med. 1(3); 29-33; 2016.
  3. M.C. Lin *. EGb761 co-administrated with FK506 offer no more neuroprotective efficacy than EGb761 alone during focal cerebral ischemia and reperfusion monitored by microdialysis coupled with micro-bore liquid chromatography. Int J Med Pharm. 3(1); 41-53; 2015.
  4. M.C. Lin *. Effects of EGb761 on dynamic alterations of magnesium, glucose, and lactate level in brain cortex of gerbils during focal cerebral ischemia. Int J Life Sci Scienti Res. 1(2); 58-61; 2015.
  5. K.M. Fang, F.C. Cheng, Y.L. Huang, S.Y. Chung, Z.Y. Jian, M.C. Lin*. Trace element, antioxidant activity, and lipid peroxidation levels in brain cortex of gerbils after cerebral ischemic injury. Biol Trace Elem Res. 152; 66–74; 2013.
  6. M.M. Shiu, M.C. Lin*. Pharmacological effects of EGb761 on the dynamic changes of extracellular essential metals and energy related metabolites in brain cortex of gerbils during focal cerebral ischemia. Bull Taiwan Soci Lab Med. 28; 109-119; 2013.
  7. M.C. Lin*. Review of the roles of essential trace elements in cerebral ischemia. Bull Taiwan Soci Lab Med. 28; 1813-7334; 2011.