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Development Orientation





Our research includes infectious diseases, cancer medicine and medical care.

Academic Features

  1. To achieve objective quality we strive towards technology expertise, a diligent and hard working attitude, a humane concern, and courtesy. The teaching objective of this department is also to promote our teaching job.
  2. To emphasize a theoretical and practical professional training strategy.
  3. To adapt to the rapid changes in medicine and to meet the demand for personnel in this field this department has offered certain courses, such as the Latest diagnosis items analysis; Medical technology on sleep, Molecular diagnosis and laboratory, Genital technology, Bio-pharmacy, Cell cultivation technology, Protein engineering, Tumor biology, Cell biology, Toxicology chemistry, Bio-information, Microbiology genetics, Introduction to information transmission, Clinical inspection quality management, Medical laboratory approval and management, clinical inspection data assessment and hospital information management, etc., courses to meet the demand for medical system in the future development.
  4. To offer the learning schedule for biological technology and inspection development based on molecular inspection and topical research.
  5. To offer courses to guide students engaging in topical research to give students an opportunity to join the study on topical research.
  6. To encourage students to apply for learning schedule, minor study and double-major study to train in a second area of expertise.
  7. To adapt to future study and employment competitiveness by carrying out “Student English Ability Evaluations” and to proceed with classification teaching according to students' English ability.
  8. To help students to obtain Medical Technologist certificates.



First area, about “infectious disease”, The studies focus on infectious mechanism, vaccine development, drug resistance, and clinical detection kit development.


Second area concentrates on cancer medicine.

We try to develop anti-tumor drug from nature resource, specially Chinese herbal medicine, also synthesize new active compound by microwave, and to study the mechanism of the anti-tumor drug, help design new treatment strategy.

About medical care area includes: stroke, toxicology, biting midge, sleep medicine and parasitology.