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Medical technological research lab.

Respiratory function machine, Densitometer, Coagulation analyzer, Platelet aggregation analyzer, Dry chemistry analyzer, Autobiochemical analyzer, PCR, In situ PCR, Stereo-Microscope, anaerobic work station, Hematology analyzer, Auto-Immunoanalyzer, ECG analyzer, ECG with treadmill exercise stress, Spectrophotometer, ELISA reader, LXM Immuno-nephelometer, Gel imagining analyzer, Sonicator, Homogenizer, Cellular transfection electroporator, Ultra-centrifugator, Centrifugator , Lyophilizer, Fluorescence microscopic system, Rotary microtome, Sliding microtome, Autotechnicon, Fraction collection system, HPLC, Cell culture room, 2-D electrophoresis etc.