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Lee, Yi-Min

Lee, Yi-Min


Job title: Assistant professor

Research expertise:Cancer Biology

Emai: ljlee@ctust.edu.tw

Office phone number:(04) 2239-1647 #6349


Master of life science, Honorary membership of the Phi Tau Phi Scholastic honor society of the Republic of China (TAIWAN)

Professional Fields: Clinical Chemistry, Human Physiology, Physiology and Mental Health, Cancer Biology

Courses TaughtClinical Chemistry, Human Physiology, Physiology and Mental Health, Human Anatomy


Representative Publication in 5 Years

Shengyan Xi, Kunhan Chuang, Kwangming Fang, Yi-Min Lee, Jinggung Chung, Yaochen Chuang.  Effect of berberine on activity and mRNA expression of N-acetyltransferase. in human lung cancer cell line A549.  J Tradit Chin Med 2014 June 15; 34(3): 302-308. (SCI)

Pei JS, Lee YM, Lo HH, Hsu YN, Lin SS, Bau DT.  Association of X-ray Repair Cross-complementing-6 Genotypes with Childhood Leukemia. Anticancer Res 2013 Dec;33(12):5395-5399. (SCI)

Wang SC, Chen SF, Lee YM, Chuang CL, Bau DT, Lin SS. Baicalin Scavenges Reactive Oxygen Species and Protects Human Keratinocytes Against UVC-induced Cytotoxicity. In Vivo 2013 November-December;27(6):707-714. (SCI)

Yao-Chen Chuang , Ming-Shiou Wu, Tai-Hsien Wu, Yi-Kai Su, Yi-Min Lee . Pyridoxamine Ameliorates the Effects of Advanced Glycation End Products on Subtotal Nephrectomy Induced Chronic Renal Failure Rats. J Funct Foods 2012; 4(3): 679-686.(SCI)

Chen-Chu Chang, Li-Ling Lin, Chia-Chi Liu, Tai-Hsien Wu, Yi-Min Lee, Song-Shei Lin. Effects of ionizing radiation on cell cycle and cell motility in breast cancer cells. C J Radiologic Tech 2011; 35(3): 187-193.

Tein-Lung Ko, Tai-Hsien Wu, Li-Ling Lin, Jin-Yi Cheung, Yi-Min Lee, I-Tsang Chiang, Song-Shei Lin. Inhibited Effects of curcumin on UV-induced cell migration and expression of matrix metalloproteinases in liver cancer cells. C J Radiologic Tech 2011; 35(2): 131-136.