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Career Placement

The courses designed in our department are focused on cultivating students with the following five major abilities:
1. The specialized medical technology knowledge and ability.
2. The medical management and data organization ability.
3. The knowledge of medical law and profession ethics.
4. The ability to upgrade medical technology and enhance related research.
5. The ability in biotechnology application.
Graduates from our department shall have the following career choices:
1. To work as a clinical medical technologist at national or international medical centers.
2. To do basic medical research at national or international medical centers or institutes.
3. To research and develop medical reagents at national or international medical centers or institutes.
4. To work as a salesperson of national or international medical equipment, medical supplies, reagents, or biological medical products.
5. To work as a research assistant at biotechnological institutes.
6. To open a medical technology center.
7. To participate in official testing for governmental placement.
8. To pursue further studies in the medical field to become an instructor.