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王祥光教授 (Wang,Shyang Guang)



  • 美國南加大醫學院生理學暨生物物理學博士(Ph.D., Department of Physiology and Biophysics, University of Southern California School of Medicine)
  • 國立陽明醫學院醫事技術學系學士


  • Scientist and Group leader, TanAsia Pharma, Ltd. 唐誠生技製藥股份有限公司
  • Postdoctoral fellow, Division of Molecular and Genomic Medicine, National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan R.O.C. (財團法人國家衛生研究院, 分子與基因醫學研究組)
  • 國立陽明醫學院醫事技術學系助教


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  • 考試院專門職業及技術人員高等考試及格
  • 衛生署合格醫事檢驗師
  • 行政院農業委員會「101年度動物保護專業教育訓練計畫」課程訓練合格
  • 全國認證基金會「醫學實驗室認證規範ISO 15189」訓練合格
  • 微軟Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Expert證照考試及格
  • 微軟Microsoft Office Word 2003 Expert證照考試及格
  • 微軟Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003證照考試及格
  • 財團法人醫學研究倫理基金會「人體試驗主持人」考試及格

Research Skills:

  1. Yeast one-hybrid screening.
  2. Monoclonal antibody generation (Hybridoma technology).
  3. Cell culture techniques, exogenous protein expression and protein characterization.
  4. Cell line generation.
  5. 10L-bioreactor operation for the mammalian cell culture (fed-batch culture).
  6. Yeast two-hybrid screening.
  7. General knowledge of process development, pre-clinical trial, QA&QC and cGMP concepts&documentation of biologics, ISO 15189.
  8. Long-acting therapeutic protein technology.
  9. Patent issues.
  10. Drug screening.
  11. Molecular cloning.
  12. Biochemistry assays.
  13. Signal transduction study.
  14. Broad and extensive knowledge of biotechnology industry.